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7.1 Context of Communication of Uncertainty

1. Why is uncertainty being reported? Check all that apply:

 To serve a political purpose

 To conform to good scientific practice (for scientific purposes)

 Practice of the institution that carries out the environmental assessment

 Required by legislation

 Requested by stakeholders involved in the process

2. At which stage is uncertainty being reported? Check all that apply:

 During the environmental assessment process

 Delivered with final report/delivery of the environmental assessment process

 Some time after the final report

3. What is the context of reporting/communicating uncertainty? Check all that apply:

 Active involvement of audiences requiring setting up of participatory processes (e.g. debate, deliberative process, policy making, extended peer review)

 Unilateral information supply

 Other, specify:

4. What is the setting in which communication/reporting takes place? Check all that apply:



 focus group

 press articles

 public session

 scientific journal


 Other, specify: