Gedetailleerde leidraad

7.6 Content

1. Have implications for policy and for social context been stated?

 not stated

 some attention

 explicitly stated

2. Were uncertainty relations with risk (namely consequences for different risk management strategies; risky uncertainties; uncertain risks) stated?

 not stated

 some attention

 explicitly stated

3. Have areas of ignorance (what we don't know) been acknowledged where they are relevant to results?

 not acknowledged

 partially acknowledged

 fully acknowledged

4. To what extent does the report reflect engagement or dialogue with the intended audiences?




5. Are there many examples of scientific arbitrariness ('abracadabra') in the report? That is, steps where the underlying reasoning is not supplied?




6. Is citation of other similar studies done?



7. Does the report offer pedigree of results? Check all that apply:


 background documents


Outputs from section 7

  • A set of guidelines and tips for reporting results.
  • An indication of what it might take to make results more robust
  • An assessment of the relevance of results to the problem.