Gedetailleerde leidraad

0.2 Intended Users

The guidance tool is primarily intended for use in the environmental assessment process at PBL. As such, it is pitched at project leaders and team members, but account managers and policy advisers can also benefit from parts of it. Users may place emphasis on different components depending on their own roles and tasks, but the guidance tool should be broadly accessible to all, and each part should be comprehensible to the project leaders. A short guidance component is provided elsewhere, and is denoted by the term 'quickscan' (Petersen et al., 2003, Janssen et al., 2003). Furthermore, at the lowest level of detail, the guidance includes a 'mini-checklist' (also provided elsewhere, Petersen et al., 2003), which can serve as a reminder list, as a log or as a portal to the quickscan. For more information on the use and the structure of the guidance the reader is referred to Petersen et al. (2003), where also advise is given on which components to use, given the importance of uncertainties and the resources available.