The checklist:

Risbey, J., van der Sluijs, J., Ravetz, J., and P. Janssen 2001: A checklist for quality assistance in environmental modelling. Research Report E-2001-11 (ISBN 90-73958-66-0), Department of Science Technology and Society, Utrecht University (

An interactive fully automated version of the checklist is available in the interactive tools section of the

Underlying theory:

Ravetz, J. 1971: Scientific knowledge and its social problems. Oxford. Clarendon Press.

Risbey, J., M. Kandlikar, and A. Patwardhan 1996: Assessing Integrated Assessments. Climatic Change 34, 369-395.


  • PBL: Peter Janssen, Arthur Petersen, Detlef van Vuuren.
  • National: Jeroen van der Sluijs, Penny Kloprogge
  • International: James Risbey, Jerry Ravetz, Silvio Funtowicz, Bruna De Marchi