Gedetailleerde leidraad

2.1.1 Knipselkrant Method

We assume that in the PBL a dossier of newspaper clippings ('knipselkrant') has been compiled on the problem. The identification of stakeholders proceeds by scanning the 'knipselkrant' and identifying stakeholder groups and the frequency with which they are mentioned. The frequency with which members of each stakeholder type are mentioned in the 'knipselkrant' can be catalogued as in table 1.

Table 1: Stakeholder frequency in the 'knipselkrant'.

The main stakeholder groups can be identified from the 'knipselkrant' analysis. This method falls however short when an issue has not been well covered in the media or in the compiled 'knipselkrant', or when some stakeholders have been excluded from debate or media coverage. Since this is often the case, we recommend supplementing this method with scans of the issue in historical and legal records, on the web, and via consultation with experts.