Gedetailleerde leidraad

2.1.2 Snowball Method

Another method to find out who are the actors involved in a problem is the snow ball method which can be done by telephone interview. The snowball method asks persons involved in the problem at hand to name others who are involved in or have a stake in the problem at hand. To increase the probability that one covers the full spectrum of value orientations and dissent one can specifically ask stakeholders to mention names of others with whom they disagree. The groups named by the respondent are then contacted and asked the same question. The procedure is repeated and a graph is made with on the X-axis the number of actors asked to mention names and on the Y-axis the cumulative number of unique names mentioned. One can stop the snowball if the curve flattens out (no new names being mentioned). One can also make a frequency count indicating how often each actor was mentioned. Frequently mentioned names are assumed to be formal or informal leading actors in the problem. Note that the snowball method is also biased, as it is not likely to capture unorganized interests.