Required resources

  • Typically performing a formal expert elicitation is a time and resource intensive activity. The whole process of setting up a study, selecting experts, preparing elicitation questions, performing expert training, expert meetings, interviews, analyses, writing rationales, documentation etc. can easily stretch over months or years, and involve. See Hora and Iman, 1989, Ortiz et al. (1991). The choice whether to perform a formal or a more informal elicitation (NCRP, 1996) depends on the price one is willing to pay for more scrutable and defensible results, and will be influenced by the relevance and controversies regarding the problem area.
  • One needs to have good interviewing skills and needs to have a reasonable understanding of the field under consideration.
  • Skill is needed to draft a good questionnaire or template for the elicitation.
  • Training in elicitation techniques may be needed.