Gedetailleerde leidraad

1.1 Problem Frames

A problem frame is literally a way of seeing or framing a problem. The following questions provide a problem frame scan to analyse a problem frame from any given perspective -- that of the analyst or different stakeholder groups. The frame may be one that you use or that is used by someone with whom you have to communicate.

Since the problem frame section comes before the section on identification of stakeholders, the idea is that you will complete the problem frame section primarily from your own perspective the first time. After you have identified relevant stakeholders in section 2.1, you may wish to return to this section and redo it from the different stakeholder perspectives.

1. Describe the problem from your point of view.

2. Describe the history of this problem in broader socio-political context.

3. To what extent is the problem interwoven with other problems? Discuss the implications of studying the problem separately from other problems.

4. What boundary do we/they draw around the problem? In other words, what aspects of the problem situation do we/they leave out of scope?

5. What criteria and benchmarks do we/they use to measure success in managing the problem?

6. How is the burden of proof set? Choose one of the following:

 this is a problem requiring action until proven otherwise

 this is not a problem until proven otherwise

 other, describe:

7. What metaphors or analogies do we/they use to think about this problem?

8. What is being under- or over exposed in the problem frame we/they use?

9. Can we summarize our/their problem frame in a single slogan?