Gedetailleerde leidraad

2.3.3 Project Management Level

For project management purposes, various groupings within PBL can be identified:

  • Advisory and Steering group (klankbordgroep).
  • Other project teams.
  • Suppliers/producers of information (data, model results, expertise) and facilities (software, hardware) in the assessment process. This applies to internal as well as external groups (sub-contractors).
  • Members of the project team.

Bear these groups in mind in answering the following:

1. Identify in an early stage on the basis of consultation of experts and sub-contractors involved (information/knowledge suppliers) what is achievable for this project given the available resources (information-base expertise, time, budget). Briefly summarize your view in this regard.

2. Identify any critical pathways, bottlenecks and breakdown risks in performing the assessment. List them.

3. Assess and describe their potential consequences for the results. These issues should be communicated to the persons involved (on the various levels given above), discussing potential lines of actions to be taken, decisions to be made.

4. Identify any requirements or boundary conditions with which one has to account in performing the assessment process (e.g. the use of a quality system), and describe what this means for internal and external communication with respect to line-, project and team-management, and external contacts.

Outputs from section 2

  • A list of relevant stakeholders.
  • An identification of areas of agreement and disagreement among stakeholders on value dimensions of the problem.
  • Recommendations on when and how to involve different stakeholders in the assessment process.
  • Guidance on internal management of the assessment process.