Required resources

  • The most important requirement is real interdisciplinary teamwork; especially learning each other's language and taking disciplinary boundaries takes time, patience and social skills.
  • The major investment in PRIMA is spending time on interpreting uncertainties from a particular perspective, first in a qualitative narrative and then in the translation in model terms (quantities, parameter values and mathematical equations). This concerns not just time which must be invested in the actual interpretation exercises (hours-weeks), but also time which is needed to enable the interpretations to stabilize and mature (months at least). Searching the literature for values and equations that can be used to quantify the perspectives in a scientifically sound manner takes time (dependent on the actual expertise and experience of the experts involved). The actual full throughput time for building perspective-based model routes in the TARGETS model (i.e. five submodules with completely different topics) was about one year. The analysis of the perspective-based experiments for the model as a whole took another half year. In the case of the application of PRIMA to water management, in which participatory perspective workshops were held (which is an additional investment), it took one year to arrive at stable qualitative interpretations and another year for quantification and model experiments. 
  • The idea of perspective-based multiple model routes can be applied in any software environment in which it is possible to program switches. In the TARGETS model, technically speaking a switch parameter "PERSPECTIVE" was used, which had three 'values': hierarchist (1), egalitarian (2) and individualist (3). Dependent on the value of this switch parameter particular parameter value sets or model routes are activated.